Graceful Roots focus is to create outdoor living spaces, with an alfresco living aesthetic.  Designing alfresco spaces is ultimately accomplished through a trifecta of horticulture/nature, architecture/form, and function. Graceful Roots' philosophy is to create these spaces which are alive with attention to detail in a larger framework representing enjoyment, health, and vitality which all derives from spending tim in an alfresco or "open air" way.

We are here to understand your passions and develop a vision that resonates with them: a courtyard to entertain; a private area to meditate or decompress; an oasis where birds can thrive; an intimate tablescape to celebrate friends and family; a kitchen garden savoring the season's harvest.  

With a life spent in office spaces, cars, and houses which are nothing more than enclosed boxes, it is easy to lose touch with nature and the outdoors.  At Graceful Roots we believe that by incorporating nature into our daily lives, we regain a connection to the physical, psychological and spiritual rewards that accrue from a life lived in a more natural environment.  

The Graceful Roots' way is to create the ideal space for the setting and the people who will use it.  It is our commitment to realize this vision with a passion for space and context, a love for detail and uniqueness, and meticulous organization to ensure the successful implementation of our design.