Growing in Style:   Edible Landscaping, Foodscapes, Integrated Agriculture

Although we use it more expansively at Graceful Roots, the term Aflresco is most often used in the U.S. in reference to dining.    And at GR, we do believe that the world of food--growing it, admiring the beauty of its production, and enjoying the eating of it--can be an integral part of Alfresco living.  We have found that landscape design that incorporates foodscape concepts can take a more comprehensive approach to engaging the mind, body and spirit into the open space around its clients, and

Graceful Roots principal Jen Coots has extensive knowledge of the edible world as a Master Gardener, certified beekeeper and advocate for local food systems through her board position at Slow Food-Charlotte and elsewhere.   Ranging from a simple herb planter on a beautiful patio, to technologically sophisticated growing towers,  or helping to organize entire community gardens dedicated to healing, the Graceful team has experience with all aspects of food production incorporated into outdoor design.

Most importantly, we believe that food production can, and should, be beautiful, that it should fit into the aesthetic sensibility of the space around it, either as focal point or accessory, and that it should always add to the charm of its setting.