Green Roofs

Green roofs are made when plants and soil are installed on top of a vertical or sloping structure which is not on the ground. This can mean robustly-engineered systems in dense urban areas--systems which take decades to amortize but which provide incredible benefits in terms of water run-off and heating/cooling costs--to a nice place to sit on the second floor of a residence with turf and ornamental plantings, to a garden shed or trellis with a planted roof to provide aesthetic and sun relief.

While not applicable to every situation--Green Roofs are another great tool for the execution of the Graceful Roots aesthetic and philosophy.  In order to execute green roof projects as effectively as possible, GR has formed a strategic partnership with Tim Munson of Spectrum Solar, who also sits on the GR advisory board.  Tim has been involved in the installation of dozens of green roofs, from urban sites in uptown Charlotte (Discovery Place and the Federal Reserve Building), to small aesthetic installations from commercial shops to school house learning laboratories.