Living Walls

Living walls use vertical spaces to grow plants, typically for aesthetic reasons.  They are excellent for introducing radical new design elements in tight areas, softening hard commercial or industrial visuals, creating unique enclosed space, or simply making a bold visual statement.

The GR team has been working to find the right combination of design, soil, plant type and watering/feeding systems to create an ideal living wall.  At ReVenture Park warehouse location, GR is collaborating with others to design an "off-grid" waster/power system utilizing rainwater, solar panels, and an innovative soil amendments to create vibrant, long-lasting, sustainable living walls. 

A GR Living Wall Prototype is designed to comprehensively test plant types, soil amendments, and irrigation systems. The installation has yielded excellent data and the attention of USDA scientists.  GR Prototype 1.1 will incorporate this data into an installation closer to GR aesthetic standards.


Breathtaking beauty, unique engagement of outdoor space, and an earnest, continual exploration of new concepts to explore the intersection landscape design and nature

The aesthetics and the sense of place and space always come first at Graceful Roots--there is no other consideration remotely as important.     However, we do not like to operate with a simple palette, visually or philosophically, and are continually at work exploring new concepts in landscape design, from living walls and green roofs, to re-introduction of scarce native plants, to edible "foodscapes" and integration of the art of growing and eating with the landscape around residential and commercial installations.  Here are a few of our passions and our interests:


Living Walls

Green Roofs

Native and scarce plants

Edible Landscaping, Foodscapes, Integrated Agriculture

Cutting edge Soil Amendments