Sullivan Residence

The Sullivan family has a beautiful house but desired a better outdoor area to relax and entertain, including a patio with fire pit, planters and seating, and a variety of architectural features to complement the old-world style of their home. The GR team implemented a wide variety of hardscapes, plants, and systems, including irrigation and up-lighting.  Plants in dramatic urns and a lion’s head for the front stairway completed the aesthetic.  The project took less than three weeks from start to finish, and the GR team worked through the Christmas holiday to bring the project in on time.    

Testimonial:   “It was a pleasure working with the Graceful Roots team.  Jen Coots has an outstanding eye for plants and hardscape details.  She scoured local venues to find perfect accessories and made the whole process very easy and pleasant for us.   Jen's sensibility is exceptional, the GR work crews were professional and competent, and the project was a great success.”    Julie Sullivan, Homeowner